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In the modern landscape of graphic design, businesses, and individuals now have a choice between two distinct models of design service providers: traditional graphic design companies and modern unlimited graphic design services. These models represent divergent approaches in delivering design solutions to clients with unique requisites and preferences.

Traditional graphic design companies operate on a project-oriented basis, where clients approach them for specific design tasks, such as creating a logo, designing marketing materials, or developing website graphics. Each project is handled individually, with a tailored pricing structure based on the complexity and scope of the design work. Clients pay per project, emphasizing focused delivery of predetermined design outcomes. However, this approach may prove cost-efficient and time-consuming for those with recurring design needs or evolving requirements.

In contrast, unlimited graphic design companies have revolutionized the industry with a subscription-based model. Clients subscribe to a fixed monthly plan, granting them unhindered access to design services. This model offers a more dynamic and flexible approach, enabling clients to request an array of designs without the constraint of per-project costs. The emphasis here is on a continuous workflow, ensuring clients have ongoing design support and the ability to make revisions without incurring additional charges.

In this blog, we will decode which graphic design company would be the best fit for your design needs in 2023. Let’s get started:

What is Unlimited Graphic Design?

Unlimited graphic design is a modern and innovative approach to design services that has gained momentum in recent years. Unlike the traditional project-centric model, where clients approach design agencies with specific one-off projects, unlimited graphic design operates on a subscription-based structure. In this model, clients pay a fixed monthly fee to access an array of design services without any limitations on the number of requests or revisions.

The essence of unlimited graphic design lies in providing a seamless and continuous design workflow. Clients can request various design tasks, from social media graphics and marketing collateral to website elements and branding materials, throughout the subscription period. Moreover, the model emphasizes collaboration and communication between the client and the design team, ensuring a clear understanding of design requirements and preferences. This model is particularly appealing to businesses and individuals with consistent design needs or agencies looking for white-labeling solutions.

How is Unlimited Graphic Design Different from Traditional Graphic Design?

Unlimited graphic design and traditional graphic design represent two distinct approaches to delivering design services, each with its own set of characteristics and operational dynamics. Understanding the differences between these models is essential for businesses and individuals to make informed choices based on their specific design needs and objectives.

Service Structure

Traditional Graphic Design: Operates on a project-based structure where clients approach the design agency with specific, isolated design projects. Each project is quoted individually, and costs are determined based on the scope and complexity of that particular task.

Unlimited Graphic Design: Adopts a subscription-based model, allowing clients to pay a fixed monthly fee for uninterrupted access to a wide array of design services. This subscription model facilitates ongoing collaboration and a continuous workflow, enabling clients to request an unlimited number of design tasks and revisions without additional costs.

Cost Efficiency

Traditional Graphic Design: Involves a per-project pricing model, potentially resulting in higher cumulative costs for clients with recurring or frequent design needs. Revisions and iterations may also incur additional charges.

Unlimited Graphic Design: Offers a cost-effective solution, particularly for clients with consistent design requirements. The flat monthly fee allows for budget predictability and eliminates the need to negotiate prices for every project or revision, resulting in potential cost savings over time.

Turnaround Time

Traditional Graphic Design: Project-based engagements often require negotiation, quoting, and approval processes for each design task, which can extend the overall turnaround time.

Unlimited Graphic Design: Streamlines the design process due to its subscription nature, enabling quicker request fulfillment and more rapid iterations, resulting in faster project completion.

Flexibility and Scalability

Traditional Graphic Design: Suited for specific, well-defined projects with clear objectives. It is ideal for one-off tasks or sporadic design needs.

Unlimited Graphic Design: Offers flexibility and scalability, making it ideal for businesses requiring ongoing design support, multiple design projects simultaneously, or frequent design revisions due to evolving requirements or market dynamics.

While traditional graphic design operates on a project-centric, pay-per-project structure, unlimited graphic design adopts a subscription-based, all-encompassing approach. The choice between these models hinges on factors such as the frequency of design needs, budget considerations, and the need for continuous design support.

When Should You Opt for Unlimited Graphic Design Over Traditional Graphic Design?

The decision to opt for unlimited graphic design over the traditional project-based model depends on a variety of factors and specific needs. Here are scenarios where choosing an unlimited graphic design subscription proves to be the ideal choice:

Need for Abundant Creatives, Regularly 

If your design needs are extensive and recurring, requiring a multitude of creatives on a regular basis, an unlimited graphic design subscription is perfect. The subscription model allows for an astonishing volume of design work every day, ensuring your creative requirements are consistently met.

Diverse Range of Design Requests

 If your design needs span across various formats, such as custom illustrations, social media posts, posters, ads, videos, GIFs, vector emailers, and more, an unlimited graphic design service is tailored for you. You won’t face varied rates for different design formats, common in traditional agencies or freelancers.

Fast Turnaround Times and Urgent Projects 

When time is of the essence, and you require swift design turnarounds or need to manage urgent projects effectively, an unlimited graphic design subscription shines. This service can fulfill your creative needs within hours, depending on the complexity of the brief. Additionally, you have the flexibility to cancel your subscription as needed.

Limited or No In-House Design Support

If you lack an in-house design team or have limited design resources, an unlimited graphic design subscription is a practical solution. It provides the necessary design support, whether you don’t have an in-house designer or need to augment your existing design team’s capabilities.

Cost-Efficient Approach to Design 

If you are cautious about managing marketing costs and seek an agile and affordable design solution, opting for an unlimited graphic design service is a prudent choice. The subscription model offers cost predictability and ensures your design needs are met without incurring exorbitant expenses.

An unlimited graphic design subscription is optimal when you require an abundance of creatives regularly, have a diverse range of design needs, need fast turnarounds for urgent projects, lack in-house design resources, or aim for a cost-efficient design approach. Assessing your specific design requirements against these criteria will guide you in making an informed decision that aligns with your objectives and budget.

Top Unlimited Graphic Design Companies

Design Shifu


  • Unlimited – $199/month
  • Unlimited Plus – $399/month
  • Unlimited Pro – $599/month


  • 100% 14-day money-back guarantee.
  • 24-hour support.
  • Dedicated designer.
  • Option of multiple active requests up to 5 at the same time.


  • Motion graphics are not included in any of the plans.
  • Currently, only English-speaking designers are available.

Design Pickle


  • Graphics – $499/month
  • Graphics Pro – $995/month
  • Graphics Premium – $1695/month


  • Unlimited graphic design services.
  • Quality output.
  • Advanced features like Canva file delivery.
  • Dedicated designer in $995 & $1695 plans.


  • Pricing is on the higher side.
  • A dedicated designer is not offered in the $499 plan.
  • The $499 plan offers very limited design services.



  • Pro – $499/month
  • Team – $699/month
  • Unlimited Graphic Design Services Daytime – $999/month


  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • USA daytime designers (Only in the top $999/month plan).
  • Dedicated art director (Only in the top $999/month plan).
  • AI feature to choose the most appropriate designer according to your industry & needs.


  • No option of getting a one-off request done.
  • They don’t offer motion graphics.

Many Pixels

Many Pixels


  • Advanced – $549/month
  • Business – $899/month
  • Designated Designer – $1199/month


  • Small feedback loop.
  • Strong team.
  • Quick turnaround.
  • 100% 14-day money-back guarantee.


  • Crucial features like a dedicated designer and Slack communication are only offered in the top $1199 plan.
  • They don’t deal with motion graphics, UI/UX design, etc.




  • Graphics – $599/month
  • Video – $699/month
  • Graphics + Video – $995/month


  • The video plan is great in case you have a video-only requirement.
  • Team of 250+ members.
  • Dedicated design team.


  • No dedicated designer.
  • Mixed reviews about the quality of the designs.

Top Traditional Graphic Design Companies

Sagmeister & Walsh

Distinctive Design Philosophy: 

Sagmeister & Walsh, under the creative leadership of Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh, is celebrated for its avant-garde designs that challenge conventional norms. Their approach often intertwines surrealism and vibrant aesthetics, pushing boundaries to create designs that evoke emotions and provoke thought.

Unconventional Strength: 

A unique aspect of Sagmeister & Walsh is their periodic sabbaticals—every seven years, they shut down their studio for a year to rejuvenate creatively. This practice, while unusual, reflects their commitment to constant evolution and redefining creativity.



Legacy and Influence:

 Pentagram, a renowned design consultancy, is notable for its collaborative and interdisciplinary approach. Founded by five designers, each with distinct design expertise, it continues to be a symbol of design excellence with a global influence.

Diverse Design Perspectives: 

With a vast team of partners, each bringing their unique design perspective, Pentagram ensures a dynamic range of design styles and approaches. This diversity enables them to cater to a broad spectrum of clients and projects.

Glitschka Studios

Glitschka Studios

Creative Versatility: 

Glitschka Studios, led by Von Glitschka, is known for its versatility in design styles. From bold and modern to intricate and vintage, their adaptability allows them to craft designs that resonate with various brand identities and target audiences.

Emphasis on Authenticity: 

One of their distinctive traits is the emphasis on authentic, handcrafted designs. Their commitment to infuse authenticity and personal touch into their work sets them apart in the traditional design landscape.

Duck. Design

Duck. Design

Human-Centric Design: 

Duck. Design, with a mantra of “Design for Humans,” prioritizes empathy and understanding people’s needs in their design approach. Their human-centric design philosophy ensures that their creations are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and user-friendly.

Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail: 

Known for their meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship, Duck. Design places a strong emphasis on delivering polished and refined designs, making them a sought-after choice for clients who value precision.

Burst Digital

Integrated Digital Design: 

Burst Digital stands at the intersection of traditional graphic design and the digital landscape. They seamlessly blend traditional design principles with modern digital techniques, creating a unique design proposition that resonates with the digital age.

Agility and Innovation: 

A standout quality of Burst Digital is its ability to swiftly adapt to evolving trends and technologies. Their agility allows them to provide innovative solutions in the fast-paced and ever-changing digital landscape.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to finding the ideal graphic design solution for your needs, both traditional graphic design companies and innovative unlimited graphic design providers have their merits. Traditional firms bring years of experience and expertise, crafting designs with meticulous detail. On the other hand, unlimited graphic design companies like Design Shifu offer a modern and efficient approach, providing a constant stream of designs without the need for a hefty budget or hiring multiple designers.

At Design Shifu, we pride ourselves on revolutionizing the design process, offering unlimited design solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. If you’re ready to elevate your design game and experience the advantages of limitless creativity, start by booking a free demo today. Let’s create an experience that transforms your vision into exceptional visuals.

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