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business card examples

Despite being in the modern digitization age, where the first thing you would share with the other person is your Instagram handle, the tradition of exchanging business cards has not died out. Indeed, social media sites and web pages add another dimension to your brand, but the first ever impression or communication of your brand […]

In this blog, we’ll learn more about vintage logo design inspiration, its types, needs, and how you can design a vintage logo for your business.

Not every brand needs to adopt modern design trends while weaving its corporate strategy. Who said vintage and retro wouldn’t tie in with your audience? As industries expand and more players enter the market, businesses need to play on different specialties. One can be its long history and years of experience; the other can be […]

Automotive business cards

The US automotive industry ranks third in the world. Even though the overall sales have decreased, it contributes 3% to the GDP.  Every interaction and every sale count in the automotive industry. Therefore, business owners and professionals willingly run the extra mile to secure business and client relationships. Designing a unique on-brand business card is […]

Roofing business cards

As long as there are buildings and houses, people will want roofs on them. The roofing business is excellent, but competition is fierce, so you must stand out from the crowd. A smart yet contemporary business card can help you make an impactful first impression. Stay with us through this blog if you want to […]

Plumbing Business Cards

As soon as you enter the market, it is crucial to establish your identity! To establish that identity, ads and social media presence become necessary. Despite the way the world is turning towards virtual space, traditional forms of marketing will not die, they still have a place in business. Out of them, one is a […]

Passing out flyers

Flyers remain one of the most cost-effective ways to increase your visibility, attract new customers and establish your brand identity. In the era of digital marketing, small business owners can leverage flyers as a marketing strategy to gain a competitive advantage. However, a lot of flyers end up in the trash because of bad practices […]

Clothing brand logos

Have you ever dreamt of giving your fashion brand a unique identity without constantly being vocal about the same to your audience? Be it through visuals or words; every business aims to be out of the box.  Brand logos are the perfect example of expressing your brand identity in its most accurate form, as we […]

Cookbook design ideas

What makes a successful cookbook? Is it recipes, authors, photography, writing, or storytelling?  For some restaurants and cookbook authors, it’s a blend of all the above. Cookbooks are treasured not only for their recipes but also for their nostalgia. Cookbooks that offer an in-depth journey into a culinary culture with unique recipes and gorgeous photographs […]