Category: Branding

Branding design is a crucial marketing component; it forms the foundation for a company’s identity and plays an essential role in its success in the marketplace. The concept of branding design encompasses the visual elements of a brand, including logos, color schemes, typography, and packaging, which collectively create a distinctive and recognizable image in consumers’ […]

What is Sustainable Branding and How to Achieve it in 2024

Are you ready to lead your brand into the future of sustainability? It’s more than a trend; it’s a commitment to social responsibility, environmental responsibility, and ethical practices. In 2024, sustainable branding means aligning your business values with global consciousness towards a healthier planet.  Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact they have on […]

10 Food Packaging Design Ideas & Inspiration across Industries

Due to such a competitive landscape, food packaging is more than just a box to contain a product—it’s a canvas for innovation, storytelling, and consumer engagement. The design of food packaging plays a pivotal role in catching the eye, conveying brand values, and influencing purchasing decisions.  As consumers increasingly seek convenience, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal, […]

Branding Package Design: What to include and what to exclude?

As a founder or business owner, you’ve carefully crafted the essence of your brand—its values, its mission, and its vision. Your target audience will relate to you more easily if you adhere to these principles. However, the challenge lies in effectively communicating these essential brand values to your team, ensuring that every member is aligned […]

11 co-branding examples in 2023 to get inspired

Co-branding, a strategic partnership between two or more brands, has gained increasing popularity in recent years. By joining forces, brands can tap into new markets, gain exposure to a wider audience, and create innovative products or services. If you’re in the field of marketing and seeking inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. In this […]