Frequently Asked Questions

A.You can log in to your Design Shifu dashboard and add unlimited design requests once you subscribe to one of Design Shifu’s Unlimited Plans. Our designers do their best to get each design request over to you within 24 hours under our '$399 Monthly Unlimited" plan and within 24-48 hours under our '$599 Monthly Unlimited Plus" plan [*subject to the complexity of the request]. Your designer will work on one active design request at a time. After completing one request he will pick up the next request in the queue.

A.We promise one task a day on a "single active request" plan. However, you can also opt for a different plan with a higher number of active requests. Please refer to the "Multiple Active Request" plans under $399 Monthly Unlimited & $599 Monthly Unlimited Plus plans on our pricing page.

A.The time frame depends on the pricing plan you opt for. The maximum turnaround time is 48 hours.Our Monthly Unlimited plan comes with 24 hours* turnaround time & our Monthly Unlimited Plus plan comes with 24-48 hours* turnaround time. [* subject to the complexity of the request]

A.Once your designer delivers the design, you can request for unlimited revisions until you are satisfied. All types of revisions will be done within 24 hours* [* subject to the complexity of the request] unless you have requested a completely new concept.

A.If at any point within your first 14 days from the date of signup you are dissatisfied or feel that this model is not meant for you and if you haven’t approved a design, then you will get a full refund; no questions asked.

A.By ‘Active Request,’ we mean the request that is being worked on by your designer on a given day. We offer ‘Multiple Active Requests’ wherein you can opt for up to 5 Active Requests to be worked on each day.

A.If your request can be easily explained in the brief you add on our dashboard, then we can work on them. If you’re looking for custom branding, video editing, animations, CAD, 3D work or programming then our service probably isn’t the right fit for you.

A.We are here to help your business grow. You can add as many brands as you like.

A.Absolutely. You own all the rights to the designs created for you. Nothing will make us happier than seeing you excel in what you do.

A.Just like hiring a freelancer, at Design Shifu you get your own dedicated designer at a fraction of the freelancer cost. Our platform helps you manage all your design projects, increasing the productivity of your team. Working with Design Shifu makes design effortless so you can focus on achieving your business goals.

A.We pride ourselves on our high quality which we deliver at an extremely low rate. We deliver our projects at approximately 70% of the cost of equivalent agency projects for the same or better quality.

If you have anymore questions please email us at or hit the chat button on your right to chat with us right away.