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what is in a design brief

“80% of marketers think they’re good at writing a design brief. Only 10% of agencies agree.” — BETTERBRIEFS Wondering how to write an effective design brief? Coordinating between business and design teams can be challenging, especially when you are working on a long-term project with multiple goals. Sometimes, the objectives change, crucial details get lost, […]

Instagram has swept the world off its feet ever since its launch. It has more than a billion users monthly as a part of its community. Marketers are hopping onto the platform to leverage the addictive scrolling behavior of users.   All thanks to its myriad ways of posting varied content types. Be it posts, Instagram […]

10 Tips To Create A Business Card Design That Leaves A Lasting Impact That Customers Won’t Forget Featured Image

Are you looking for successful ways to market your business? Business cards can actually be of great help since they can help expand your customer base to a great extent. Wondering how?… Well, you can include some pertinent details about your business on your business cards and use them as effective marketing tools by sharing […]

Digital design and art have started developing at a much quicker rate than anticipated. With time, both these mediums in the digital world are becoming more accessible than ever before. This often leads to confusing one medium for the other. Similarly, when we talk about graphic design and illustration, people often wonder how the two […]

Font Vs Typeface

Typography is one of the crucial elements of graphic design. Professional designers are well aware of the impact of typography in design. Typography can dictate the mood of the design depending on the choice of fonts, and the choice of different typefaces, etc. Oh, Yes, we know. The font vs typeface debate is an infamous […]