When it comes to marketing, a single strategy will never be enough. If you want to consistently succeed in marketing your products and services, keep up with the latest algorithms and trends. Currently, Instagram ad campaigns are trending as the most powerful way to market your brand, which makes it pertinent for you to know the right Instagram ad sizes. When done right, Instagram ads can help you stand out among your competitors, for all the right reasons.

To nail Instagram ads, it is important that you follow the Instagram ad size and dimension requirements. This article will tell you about the latest Instagram ad specs and sizes for 2021.

Here Are All The Instagram Ad Sizes You Need!

Instagram Single Image Ads

Instagram single image ads are quite effective as they take up the user’s entire phone screen. You can create ads using both vertical as well as horizontal images. To make your ad stand out, opt for photos taken in portrait mode and post them in the vertical format. Here are a few other Instagram ad sizes to be mindful of for Instagram single image ads.

Instagram Single Image Ad Size

Instagram Video Ads

With the current digital advancements, Instagram video ads have become more and more popular. Just like with Instagram images, when it comes to Instagram video ads, you can use a square, vertical, or landscape layout. The recommended Instagram ad size for Instagram video ads is given below.

File, .mp4
ResolutionHighest resolution
Maximum video ad size30 MB
Minimum video ad dimension500 pixels
Source ratio1.91:1 – 4:5
Minimum video ratio400 X 500
Maximum video ratio191 X 100
Text limitTwo rows
Video captionsOptional

Instagram Carousel Ads

Instagram Carousel Ad Size

The best way to spot an Instagram carousel ad is by noticing the small dots below an ad image or video. These dots indicate the number of ad images and videos present in that particular post. You can use up to 10 images or videos in a single Insta carousel ad. Instagram carousel ads are perfect when you want to introduce or market more than a single product.

These ads are also useful when you’re looking to promote your product by showcasing it from different angles. Here are the Instagram ad size and dimensions to be mindful of when creating Instagram carousel ads.

File type.jpg, .png, .mov, .mp4
Maximum video size4 GB
No. of cards2-10
Video durationUp to 60 seconds
Carousel ratio1:1
Image resolution1080 X 1080 pixels
Text limitOne row for headline Two rows for description

Instagram Stories Carousel Ads

Instagram Stories Carousel Ad Size

There are two types of Instagram stories carousel ads to choose from,

  • Native stories carousel: Here a maximum of 3 cards can be automatically displayed, covering the full screen.
  • Expandable stories carousel: Although the cards here get displayed automatically, it also gives the option of “Keep Watching” to the interested viewers to continue watching the ad further.

To create the best Instagram stories carousel ads, adhere to the recommended Instagram ad size and dimensions given below.

TypeNative stories carouselExpandable stories carousel
Minimum cards21
Maximum cards310
Ratio9:16Similar to Instagram news feed
Resolution1080 X 1920 pixels
Maximum video duration15 seconds60 seconds

Instagram Slideshow Ads

Instagram Slideshow Ad Size

Instagram slideshow ads can be created using multiple images and videos with a musical background. If you use a musical track for such an ad, ensure that you have obtained all the legal rights to use the track. To create a looping video in Instagram slideshow ads, you can use a maximum of 10 images. Take care of the below Instagram ad sizes while creating Instagram slideshow ads.

File typeImages: .jpg, .png Audio track: .mp3, .wav, .m4a, .ogc, .flac
Text limitTwo rows of text
Minimum image width600 X 600 pixels
Maximum image width1080 X 1080 pixels
Image durationMaximum 50 seconds per image

Instagram Ad Sizes For Stories And Videos

Instagram Image Ads Sizes For Stories

Instagram Stories Image Ads Size

Instagram stories have emerged as the star of this social media platform and this is why Instagram has approved the use of stories to post promotional ads. When it comes to Instagram stories image ads, you can enhance the image used by adding appropriate GIFs, stickers, and filters. These story ads are visible for 5 seconds or till the viewer swipes across the ad. Here are the recommended Instagram ad sizes for Instagram stories image ads.

File type.jpg, .png
Image size1080 X 1920 pixels
Maximum file size30 MB

Instagram Video Ad Sizes For Stories

Instagram Video Ads Sizes For Stories Size

Instagram stories video ads take it up a notch, by including all the benefits of Instagram stories image ads with the added advantage of grabbing additional attention through interactive videos. Even sound clips can be added to Instagram stories video ads. The video length can be up to 120 seconds and users can view the entire video by selecting the option of “Continue Watching”. The recommended Instagram ad size for Instagram stories video ads is given as follows.

File, .mp4
Image size1080 X 1920 pixels
Maximum file size4 GB
Video length15-120 seconds
Source ratio1.91:1 – 4:5

For all types of Instagram ad sizes mentioned above the most important thing to note is that, if the text in these images is greater than 20%, the delivery will be negatively affected.

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