Best SEO monitoring tools of 2023: Updated list for small businesses

For small businesses, the right SEO monitoring tools can be a game-changer in acquiring organic leads and traffic.

As we enter 2024, we’ve scoured the web and updated our list of the best SEO monitoring tools, carefully selected to empower small businesses to rank at the top, outshine competitors, and capture the attention of their target audience.

Whether you’re a tech-savvy entrepreneur or just getting started in organic marketing, this list will be your best friend for reaching new heights in inbound marketing.

Role of SEO Tools in Enhancing Online Visibility

SEO tools play a crucial role in enhancing online visibility. By utilizing these tools, businesses can analyze search performance and improve their organic traffic. They help identify any technical issues that may hinder website optimization for search engines.

Additionally, SEO tools allow business owners to track keyword rankings and perform competitor analysis, providing valuable insights for effective SEO strategies.

These tools also assist in keyword research, backlink analysis, and content strategy, enabling businesses to target specific keywords and optimize their online presence. In essence, SEO tools are indispensable for small businesses looking to enhance their online visibility and reach their target audience.

Most Popular SEO Monitoring Tools

Most Popular SEO Monitoring Tools

Although there are hundreds of SEO tools available on the market, SEMrush and Ahrefs stand out. Their extensive crawling capabilities provide the most accurate and comprehensive analysis of your website, along with your competitors’ data.

Let’s explore both of these tools:


SEMrush, a prominent SEO tool, offers small businesses a comprehensive suite of features for competitive analysis and SEO improvement.

Key features include:

Competitor Analysis: SEMrush provides insights into competitor strategies, allowing businesses to discover their targeted keywords, sources of organic traffic, and keyword trends.

Keyword Research: Users can perform in-depth keyword research to identify valuable keywords to target in their content.

Site Audits: SEMrush offers site audit tools to detect and resolve issues that might be affecting a website’s SEO performance.

Organic Traffic Data: The tool offers essential data on organic traffic, search volume, and keyword trends.

Google Search Console Integration: SEMrush integrates with Google Search Console, giving users access to additional valuable data.

Content Analysis: Users can analyze their content for SEO optimization, ensuring it aligns with best practices.

Social Media Tracking: SEMrush includes features for tracking social media performance and engagement.

Site Explorer: This tool allows businesses to gain insights into their own or their competitors’ websites.

Local SEO Optimization: SEMrush assists with local SEO efforts, helping businesses improve their visibility in local search results.

Content Creation: Users can generate ideas for content creation and optimization based on keyword research and competitor analysis.

Keyword Tracking: SEMrush enables businesses to track their keyword rankings over time.

While SEMrush offers a wealth of features, it’s important to note that it may have a learning curve, especially for those who are not familiar with SEO.


Ahrefs, a leading SEO research tool, empowers small businesses with a wide array of features designed to elevate their online presence and stay ahead in the competitive digital landscape. Here are some key features and benefits of Ahrefs:

Keyword Research: Ahrefs excels as a keyword research tool, providing invaluable insights into search volumes and keyword difficulty. Users can identify high-value keywords to optimize their content effectively.

Backlink Analysis: Ahrefs is renowned for its robust backlink analysis capabilities. It allows you to explore both your site’s backlinks and those of your competitors. This insight is vital for building a strong backlink profile and improving search engine rankings.

Content Explorer: With the Content Explorer feature, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your target keywords. Analyze content performance, identify content gaps, and generate ideas for your content strategy.

Site Explorer: Ahrefs’ Site Explorer provides deep insights into your website’s performance and that of your competitors. This information is critical for optimizing your site’s SEO and outperforming your rivals.

Keyword Tracking: Monitor the progress of your chosen keywords over time with Ahrefs’ keyword tracking feature. This helps you stay updated on your keyword rankings and make necessary adjustments to your SEO strategy.

Intuitive User Interface: Ahrefs is praised for its intuitive user interface, making it a favorite among users. Its user-friendly design ensures that you can quickly navigate through the tool’s powerful features, even if you’re new to SEO.

Competitive Edge: Ahrefs equips you with the tools and insights needed to maintain a competitive edge in the digital landscape. By understanding your competitors’ strategies, you can make informed decisions to outperform them.

SEO Visibility: Enhance your online visibility and reach a broader audience with Ahrefs. Its features cover all aspects of SEO research, ensuring that your online presence is optimized for success.

Comprehensive list of Best SEO Monitoring Tools of 2023

Comprehensive list of Best SEO Monitoring Tools of 2023

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for SEO. It’s a dynamic field that includes a range of critical tasks like on-page optimization, competitor analysis, backlink tracking, constant crawling, and more. To tackle these diverse needs effectively, you need a toolbox of specialized SEO tools.

Each tool serves a unique purpose in this ever-evolving landscape, ensuring your website climbs the rankings, outperforms competitors, and captures the right audience. So, let’s dive into our list of the best SEO monitoring tools of 2023, carefully curated to help small businesses excel in the world of search engine optimization.

Moz Pro – A Complete SEO Toolset

Moz Pro provides a comprehensive SEO toolset that encompasses various features crucial for optimizing your website. With Moz Pro, you gain access to functionalities such as site audits, keyword research, and backlink analysis, allowing you to enhance your overall SEO strategy. Track keyword rankings, analyze site performance, and address technical SEO issues effortlessly using Moz Pro’s tools.

Additionally, Moz Pro offers valuable insights into search engine optimization, organic traffic, keyword analysis, and content optimization. Leverage features like page optimization, content strategy, site crawl, and link-building insights to propel your website’s visibility further.

Majestic SEO Tools – Linking Intelligence

Majestic SEO Tools - Linking Intelligence

When it comes to link intelligence, Majestic SEO Tools is a top choice. With its specialized expertise in backlink analysis and website authority analysis, Majestic offers valuable insights for small businesses. You can use their tools for various purposes including link building, competitor analysis, and backlink research. Their features like site explorer, backlink analysis, link tracking, and link-building insights provide in-depth data on backlink profiles, link-building strategies, and website link analysis. Additionally, Majestic SEO Tools also offer information on website authority, link-building efforts, link analysis, and competitor research. By utilizing Majestic, small businesses can gain a competitive edge in their SEO tasks.

Screaming Frog – Technical SEO Audits

When it comes to conducting comprehensive technical SEO audits, Screaming Frog is an invaluable tool. With Screaming Frog, you can easily identify and address technical issues on your website that may be affecting your search engine rankings. By analyzing your site’s architecture, meta tags, and duplicate content, you can gain valuable insights and make necessary optimizations. From analyzing website data to identifying areas for improvement, Screaming Frog offers a range of features for effective technical SEO analysis. Whether you are a small business owner or an SEO expert, Screaming Frog is a must-have tool in your arsenal.

SpyFu – SEO and PPC Competitor Research

Unveil competitor strategies and keywords with SpyFu, a powerful tool for SEO and PPC competitor research. Gain valuable insights into your rivals’ organic and paid search performance, allowing you to make data-driven decisions. Discover their keyword rankings, and backlink data, and even analyze their ad copy. By understanding your competitors’ tactics, you can stay one step ahead in your SEO and PPC efforts. SpyFu equips you with the knowledge to develop effective strategies, optimize your campaigns, and boost your online visibility.

BrightLocal – Local SEO Management

Bright Local is a go-to tool when it comes to local SEO. It allows you to manage local business listings, Google Business Profile, and online reviews. Additionally, you can monitor local search results and target specific keywords to enhance your visibility in the local market. This user-friendly tool tracks search rankings, builds citations, monitors online reviews, and stresses local search performance. You can use the tool to see how your rankings have improved over time, which will help you determine whether your Local SEO efforts are working.

Wincher – Rank Tracking

With Wincher, you can easily stay on top of your SEO tasks by tracking your keyword rankings. The keyword research tool allows you to analyze the performance of your keywords and monitor their positions in the SERPs. You will receive timely notifications whenever there are changes in your keyword rankings or industry trends. Additionally, Wincher enables you to keep an eye on your competitors and compare their rankings with yours, helping you identify areas for improvement. Improve your search visibility and enhance your SEO strategy with Wincher.

Link Whisper – Internal Linking

The WordPress internal link-building plugin Link Whisper lets you add internal links to your website’s different pages. It analyzes your website with its NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology to understand the content and the connections between them and suggests internal link-building possibilities based on your settings and customizations. By strategically implementing internal links, you can improve user experience and search engine crawlability, ultimately boosting page authority and rankings. It’s not perfect in its link suggestions and reporting, but you can add a lot of customizations to help its AI understand your linking needs.

Best free SEO Monitoring Tools 2023 for Small Businesses

Best free SEO Monitoring Tools 2023 for Small Businesses

Small businesses can effectively monitor their website performance and search trends using free SEO monitoring tools as well. Here’s a list to get you started:

Google Search Console – Monitoring Organic Performance

The most reliable way to track Google traffic is with Google Search Console, as other tools only provide estimates, which are not always accurate. Additionally, this powerful tool allows you to identify any technical issues, crawl errors, and opportunities for mobile optimization.

If used correctly, you can gain valuable insights into your top search queries, keyword rankings, and overall search performance. With GSC’s features, you can effectively monitor your website and make data-driven decisions to enhance its performance.

Google Analytics – Mapping User Journey

Google Analytics offers comprehensive insights into web traffic, user behavior, and conversions. This data empowers marketers and SEO professionals to optimize their websites for better user experiences and search engine rankings. Now, GA4, or Google Analytics 4, has emerged as a game-changer. GA4 shifts towards a user-centric approach, tracking individual users across devices and touchpoints. It offers an integrated view of user journeys, essential in an era where user experience is crucial for SEO success. This version incorporates event tracking and predictive metrics, providing a deeper understanding of user interactions on your website. Moreover, GA4 employs machine learning and AI to anticipate future trends and opportunities, making it easier to identify areas for improvement and growth.

Google Ads Keyword Planner – Keyword Research

Keywords Planner is primarily made to research keywords for ads, but you can use it for organic search as well. It allows you to discover keyword search volume, competition, and trends. By analyzing this data, you can identify target keywords that will optimize your website content and ads. Additionally, the Google Ads keyword planner helps you refine your keyword targeting based on search intent and user behavior.

Google Optimize – Website Experimentation

Google Optimize is a powerful tool that allows small businesses to conduct A/B tests and optimize their website performance. By analyzing user behavior, you can create personalized website experiences that cater to your target audience. Test different elements such as headlines, images, and calls to action to improve conversion rates and overall user experience. Google Optimize seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics, providing valuable data-driven insights for decision-making. It helps identify and address website issues, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free user experience. With Google Optimize, small businesses can enhance their online presence and drive better results. By leveraging this tool’s capabilities, you can stay ahead in the competitive landscape of SEO.

SEOquake – SEO Metrics on-the-go

SEOquake is a powerful tool that provides instant SEO insights with real-time data. With SEOquake, you can analyze various aspects of your website’s performance, including backlink profiles, keyword rankings, and overall website health. It also allows you to access competitor data, helping you identify areas of opportunity and stay ahead in the competitive landscape. Additionally, SEOquake enables you to generate comprehensive website audits, uncovering any technical issues or optimization opportunities that may be hindering your site’s performance. Furthermore, this tool allows you to track search engine rankings and organic traffic trends, providing valuable insights into your SEO efforts. With SEOquake, you can stay on top of your SEO metrics on the go, making informed decisions and driving organic traffic to your website.

Summing up

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