clothing logo design inspiration

When you start a clothing line, you start it with a long-term goal. It is not just a few days’ affair; it is for several generations. 

Your creativity must be conveyed in the most effective way you can, whether it is subtle or loud.

Logos are designed in a variety of ways to determine their usefulness and lifespan. A logo’s ability to become famous over time depends on a number of design aspects. Your brand identity is greatly influenced by the visual identity you develop, whether you’re a start-up, a prominent fashion brand, or a small store.

We have compiled a great list of brand-building clothing logo design inspiration for your consideration, here you go:

Clothing Logo Design Inspiration 


What exactly is the Puma brand, and why is it so well-known? The fact that Puma is a top brand for sports and lifestyle products is well known. 

Rudolf Dassler, the company’s founder, came up with the concept for the logo. He thought that the qualities of a cat, such as speed, endurance, and agility, should be connected to his products. According to him, an athlete’s movement exhibits these same features. Every athlete who sees the emblem is reminded of their tremendous potential and limitless opportunities.

clothing logo design inspiration



The list of the best fashion labels, including Giorgio Armani and Gucci, is headed by Versace, a company known for producing some of the best haute couture and accessories. The exclusive logo of the high-end clothing line is very well known.

The head of the Greek legendary character Medusa appears in the Versace logo. The ruins’ floor in the region of Reggio Calabria, where the Versace siblings used to play, served as the inspiration for the logo.

In recognition of Medusa’s ability to make people fall in love and leave them unable to escape, Gianni Versace made her the Versace collection’s emblem. 

Versace’s logo is a beautiful work of art. One of the solid visual identities in the world, the Versace logo is well-balanced, appealing, and forceful. 

clothing logo design inspiration



The original Hermes logo was aesthetically beautiful and clear, emphasizing the company’s line of business. The most striking aspects of the logo are a fine coach, a clean, tidy horse buckled into the harness & an attractive guy standing next to it.

Underneath it was a brand name and the location of its inception. The Hermes Paris logo hasn’t been modified much over the decades.

The Hermes logo is inspired by the Greek god Hermes, the messenger of the gods and patron of travelers, commerce, and thieves. The logo features a depiction of Hermes’ staff, known as a caduceus, which was a symbol of peace and diplomacy. The logo also includes the brand name “Hermes” in capital letters. The design of the Hermes logo is meant to evoke the brand’s roots in luxury and craftsmanship and its association with Hermes, the god of travel and commerce.

The logo’s overall design is simple and elegant, with clean lines and a classic font for the brand name. The combination of the caduceus and the brand name creates a strong, iconic image that is easily recognizable and associated with luxury and quality.



One of the top and most well-known international brands, Zara, serves both men and women worldwide. Even individuals who have little interest in fashion are drawn to the brand because of the logo’s extensive history.

The Zara logo is a simple, modern design that features the brand’s name in capital letters. The font used is a sans-serif typeface, which gives the logo a clean and contemporary look. The letters are all the same size, with no additional ornamentation or flourishes. The brand name is usually white against a dark background, creating a high-contrast look that makes the logo stand out.

The overall design of the Zara logo is meant to convey sophistication and modernity and to reflect the brand’s focus on fashion and style. The clean, minimalistic design of the logo reflects the brand’s commitment to simplicity and functionality, while the high-contrast color scheme helps to make the logo instantly recognizable.

clothing logo design inspiration



The H&M logo design is inspired by the brand’s initials, “H” and “M.” The logo features the letters “H” and “M” in capital letters, with the “H” placed above the “M.” The letters are designed in a simple, sans-serif font and are colored in a bright red hue.

The design of the H&M logo is meant to be simple, with a bold and vibrant color palette that is easily recognizable and eye-catching. The logo evokes the brand’s focus on fashion and style, and the red color is often associated with energy, passion, and excitement. Using capital letters in the logo also adds strength and confidence, reflecting the brand’s position as a leading player in the fashion industry. Overall, the design of the H&M logo is meant to be modern and stylish, appealing to a wide range of customers who value fashion and quality.

clothing logo design inspiration



The new Uniqlo logo is striking and effectively portrays the brand’s character, Japanese design, and craftsmanship. The color scheme and design convey Japanese symbolism. The Japanese flag is represented by the colors red and white. The square shape is reminiscent of the name seals that are customarily applied to items in Japan to signify ownership and validity. Combining Japanese characters and Roman letters also conveys the strong trading ties between the United States and Japan.

The design of the Uniqlo logo is intended to be clean and minimalistic, reflecting the brand’s focus on affordable, high-quality basics.

It is meant to be timeless and versatile, as it can be used in various contexts and paired with different design elements. The logo is often combined with other graphic elements, such as images or patterns, to create a cohesive look for the brand’s marketing materials. The logo’s simplicity allows it to be easily recognized and remembered and helps to communicate the brand’s focus on simplicity and functionality.


Key Elements of Clothing Logos

Brand Identity 

Every iconic logo has a connecting design theme. This theme will frequently be related to the brand identity in terms of color scheme, forms, or other elements, such as font choices. Every choice should be consistent with the client’s brand to maintain its strong theme. 

Choosing the Right Fonts 

The most frequently used fonts for clothing logos are simple straight fonts. This is because it better conveys brand aesthetics rather than complex writing or static lettering. The typeface you use for the clothing is one of the essential components in making it distinctive, which everyone desires.


Consider the audience you’re aiming to attract while choosing fonts, colors, and symbols. Your ability to connect with your market will improve if you use the proper balance of these components for your clothes logo design.


Make sure to design a simple and unique logo because your clothing logo will work with limited space. You want to create a clothing logo that briefly yet clearly expresses the character of your brand.

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Why Should You Avoid Doing Clothing Brand Logos Yourself?

It may seem simple to understand these concepts for clothing brand logos, but it can be a lot of work to put them together. It is possible to stretch a few dollars by creating your own logos or experimenting with internet logo makers. Although your artistic eye may pass muster, you just need to be able to design a memorable logo that will grow with the company.


If there’s one visual that you need to nail from the start, it’s the logo. 

When brainstorming for your logo, ensure it reflects your business’s identity and value proposition. Only then can you create a logo that stands out from the crowd.

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